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What is the Teflon tape?

xinst2月 22, 2020

Teflon tape main performance characteristics:

1, The teflon tape mainly used at low temperature -196 degrees, high temperature 300 degrees, with weather resistance, anti-aging;

2, the product itself has non-adhesion: Teflon tape is not easy to adhere to any substance . Easy to clean;

3, resistant to chemical corrosion, resistant to strong acids, alkalis, aqua regia and various organic solvents;

4, it has resistance to drugs, non-toxic. It is resistant to almost all pharmaceutical items;

5. It also has high insulation performance, UV protection, and anti-static; 6. It can be fire-resistant and flame-retardant; 7. It is very convenient to use and has a long service life.

Equal To Nitto 903UL Pure Teflon Adhesive Tape

Application range of  Teflon tape:

1.Applicable to various high-temperature rollers, heating flat plates and stripped workpieces;

2.It is also applied to Teflon tape in heat sealing of food, medicine and plastic bags;

3. Chute, hopper, aviation mold and other pads can also be used in sizing machine drums, thermoplastic mold release and other industries, can be used repeatedly, easy to replace after use;

4, Teflon tape is also suitable for other needs Anti-adhesive, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant surface treatment applications;

5, used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat sealing, electronics and electrical industries.

Teflon series products are widely used in various fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, high-temperature insulation, food packaging, plastic products, papermaking, printing, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical anticorrosion and other fields. Silicone tapes and acrylic tapes. Silicone pressure-sensitive tapes are mostly used for high-temperature-resistant parts. They have excellent positioning and fixation properties. They are used for a long time, especially when used at temperatures around 200 ° C. The best effect. Acrylic tapes are mostly used in low temperature resistant parts. Generally, the effect is good at + 120 ℃, and the advantage is that the price is cheap. In the mechanical application range of packaging, compounding, sealing and heat sealing, wherever anti-stick heat sealing and corrosion resistant insulation is required, it has the function of repeated paste, which is easy to replace.

The function and use of Teflon tape is as domineering as its name. It is powerful and can be widely used on any way. What I have introduced to you above is the function of our Teflon. You can know that the adhesive performance of Teflon tape is very strong, so we can usually use more Teflon tape when using parts. However, even if the adhesive performance is strong, we cannot take it lightly and take our parts seriously to make our things stronger.

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