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Introduction to automobile foam and precautions for bonding

xinstDec 02, 2020

What is automobile foam, and what issues should be paid attention to during the bonding process?

Automotive foam uses white or black IXPE electronic radiation cross-linked foam as the base material, and red, green or blue PE release film as the release type.

Car foam has strong adhesion, good weather resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, and anti-aging. It provides excellent adhesion to uneven surfaces. It is widely used in automotive interior parts, door trims, rain shields, and signs. Strong adhesion, good shock absorption performance, strong weather resistance, car decoration strips, car glass, car pedals, sealing strips, corrugated plates, wheel arcs, baffles, brake lights, and car interiors.

Gray VHB Foam Tape
Gray VHB Foam Tape

Note for automobile foam bonding:

1. Remove the dust and oil stains on the surface of the sticking object before sticking, and keep it dry (do not stick on the wall when the wall is wet in continuous rainy days). If it is used to stick a mirror, it is recommended to clean the sticking surface with alcohol;

2. The working temperature during pasting should not be lower than 10℃, otherwise, the adhesive tape and the pasting surface can be properly heated with a hair dryer;

3. The pressure-sensitive tape exerts its best effect after being pasted for 24 hours (the tape should be pressed down as much as possible when pasting). When pasting vertical load-bearing objects such as mirrors, etc., first place it flat when both sides are stuck. 24 hours. If there is no such condition, support the load-bearing object within 24 hours of vertical adhesion.

The above is the introduction of automobile foam and the precautions for bonding. In addition to its excellent performance in the automobile industry, automobile foam has also been used for bonding between motorcycle signs, household appliances, engineering decoration, and curtain wall structural bonding. widely used.

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