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What are the characteristics of conductive foam

xinstNov 24, 2020

The conductive foam is made of plastic particles, which is very light and convenient for daily handling. EMI Shielding Foam Gasket is a closed-cell structure material with strong elasticity and fast resilience. It can reduce the damage caused by handling. Secondly, its anti-corrosion properties are also very good, which can ensure that the product is free from external chemical pollution. When we add flame retardant in the production process, the conductive foam has excellent flame retardancy.

Conductive foam has an excellent shielding function. When encountering electric waves, it will reflect and absorb according to the characteristics of the object, and provide excellent shielding results. Wrap a conductive cloth on the flame-retardant sponge, after a series of processing, so that the conductive foam has the conductivity, can be easily fixed on the device to be shielded with an adhesive tape. Foams are available in shielding materials with different cross-sectional shapes, installation methods, UL ratings and shielding effectiveness.

Conductive Fabric Foam Tape-03

EMI Shielding Foam Gasket has the following characteristics:

1. When the operating frequency is 20MHz-10GHz, the shielding effectiveness>100dB.

2. The surface resistivity is low, <0.07 ohm/square, making the fabric excellent in conductivity.

3. Good abrasion resistance, repeated use will not affect the actual shielding function.

4. It can work stably under most temperature conditions (about -10℃ to 100℃).

5. Good flame retardancy, UL certification can reach UL94-VO or UL94-HB.


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