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Introduction to the principle of Nano Micro Suction foam Tape

xinstMar 09, 2020

Introduction to the principle of Nano Micro Suction foam Tape

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Nano Micro Suction foam tape manufacturer introduction:People regard the adsorption of solids to adhesives as the theory of the primary reason for bonding, and it is called the adsorption theory of bonding. The theory is that the primary source of adhesive force is the molecular effect of the adhesive system, that is, the van der Waals gravitational force and hydrogen bonding force. The adhesive force and the adhesive force of the surface of the adherend and the adherend have some of the same properties. The effect process of the adhesive molecule and the surface molecule of the adherend has two processes: the first stage is the diffusion of the liquid adhesive molecule to the surface of the adherend by means of Brownian motion, so that the polar groups or links at the two interfaces are close to each other In the process, heating up, applying touch pressure, and reducing the viscosity of the adhesive are all conducive to strengthening Brownian motion. The second stage is the occurrence of adsorption force. When the distance between the adhesive and the adherent molecule reaches 10-5Å, the attractive forces between the interface molecules occur, which further shortens the interval between the molecules to a maximum stable state.

According to the calculation, due to the effect of Van der Waals force, when two aspiring planes are 10Å apart, the gravitational strength between them can reach 10-1000MPa; when the interval is 3-4Å, it can reach 100-1000MPa. This value far exceeds the strength that can be achieved by the best modern structural adhesives. Therefore, some people think that only when the two objects touch well, that is, when the adhesive is sufficiently wet on the bonding interface, and reaches the aspiring state, the effect of the dispersion force alone is sufficient to produce a high bonding strength. However, the actual bonding strength is very different from the theoretical calculation. This is because the mechanical strength of a solid is a mechanical property, not a molecular property, and its size depends on the nature of each part of the material, not the sum of the molecular effects. The calculation value is based on the assumption that the two ambition planes are in close contact and that the effect between the molecules of the pair of molecules on the interface layer is damaged together, and the effect of ensuring the effect of the molecules between the pair of molecules cannot occur together.

The polarity of the adhesive is too high, which sometimes seriously hinders the progress of the wetting process and reduces the adhesion. Intermolecular effect is an element that provides adhesion, but it is not the only element. In some special cases, other factors can also play a leading role.

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