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Nano glue manufacturers introduce the main raw materials of magic nano tape

xinst3月 10, 2020

Nano glue manufacturers introduce the main raw materials of magic nano tape

Nano glue manufacturers introduce the magic nano tape mainly using PU as the main raw material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft clothing and re-tearing without leaving adhesive residue. The industry generally calls nano-tape or magic tape, and non-marking adhesive is substrate-free tape. With high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, re-peeling without residue and other excellent functions.

Double Sided Nano Magic Tape Micro Suction Foam Tape For Temporary Signs And Ipad Holder

Features of magic nano tape:

1. It can be moved and pasted at will, and it can be pasted repeatedly N times.

2. No trace is left. Repeated pasting and separation will not leave any traces on the surface and objects.

3. It can be washed with water, and the original sticky effect can be maintained after drying.

4. Adopt imported materials, comply with EU ROSH certification, US ASTM and other relevant environmental protection standards, green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, special synthetic glue;

5. Diverse patterns, freely adjustable colors, unlimited creativity;

6. Adjustable colloid viscosity, sticky The higher the pull, the greater the tension;

7. The gel is soft, strong, comfortable, does not affect the appearance, and can also be used as a protective patch to prevent messy flowers, dust, and collision;

8. Standard thickness: 0.3MM ~ 3.0 MM (precise processing, guaranteed quality);

9. Appropriate temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ or more;

10. Passed national ROHS / SGS environmental protection test.

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