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Nano aerogel use precautions

xinst3月 06, 2020

With the improvement of people's living standards, technological innovation, and the enhancement of environmental protection concepts, traditional insulation materials are difficult to meet people's needs for pipe insulation and building insulation. In this large environment, people are paying more and more attention. New  nano aerogel insulation building materials.

Low Thermal Conductivity aerogel insulation clothing fabric roll of aerogel felt aerogel jacke

Nano aerogel has not been introduced to the market in China for several years, but its development is relatively rapid. The main reason is that it can reach the A1 level fire protection standard, and has the advantage of lower thermal conductivity compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, which means that the same thermal insulation effect is achieved. The thickness of the nano-aerogel thermal insulation material will be thinner and lighter. Not to be bloated.

The application fields of nano-aerogel thermal insulation materials are also very wide, such as thermal insulation layers for rocket launches, ship noise reduction thermal insulation, nuclear power industry thermal insulation, ultra-low temperature equipment low temperature cold storage, fire fighting equipment and so on. Nano aerogel insulation materials were originally only used in high-end fields, mainly due to their low output and relatively expensive prices. With the development of science and technology and the increase in output, prices will drop significantly. Will involve more fields, and will gradually phase out insulation materials that pollute the environment. And will occupy more market share in the field of insulation

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