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What tape is used for 3D printing insulation?

xinst3月 06, 2020

Things that need to be blocked, such as light, sound or heat, have unique properties.
New Steflon tapes and Kapton tapes make a variety of areas, block things, while taking advantage of their characteristics.

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Due to its wide range of temperature stability and electrical isolation capabilities, Kapton tapes are commonly used as insulation and protection layers for electrostatic sensitive and fragile components in electronics manufacturing.
Because it can maintain the temperature required for reflow soldering operations and its protection can be used throughout the production process, antistatic Kapton tapes often still exist in the final consumer product.

Kapton tape and ABS adhere well together, which has led to the widespread use of Kapton tape as a construction surface for 3D printers.
The Kapton tape is laid on a flat surface and the ABS is extruded onto the surface of the Kapton tape.
Printed ABS parts do not separate from the build platform as they cool and shrink, which is a common cause of printing failure

ESD Kapton tape is also commonly used to fix components such as thermocouples to the hot end of plastic extruders.
This helps prevent detached thermocouples, which can cause uncontrolled overheating of the nozzle, and fire.


Learn more about the properties of the print material you choose.
The two mainstream plastics used in personal 3D printing are ABS and PLA.
Each has its own characteristics, such as melting temperature and discharging speed.
Make sure the printer data you set up supports the printing material you are using.

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