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Nano Suction foam Tape manufacturers introduce specific details of removable adhesive Nano Suction foam Tape stickers!

xinstMar 12, 2020

According to the introduction of  Xinst nano suction foam tape manufacturers, removable tape is also known as removable no trace tape. It is a kind of non-markable removable adhesive. Now the red hot red mana tape on the Internet is removable and gradually becomes people’s daily life. Necessities for life are essential items in life. Let’s introduce to you the flashing method of handprints on multi-functional adhesive tapes (the handprints of removable adhesive tapes are generally transparent (also white) or other colors may have aroma stickers, and their tapes are generally PET substrates.) The important characteristic is that it is smooth and impermeable. The removable adhesive veneer is made of PET, which has high viscosity and is easy to attach to other objects.

Double Sided Nano Magic Tape Micro Suction Foam Tape For Temporary Signs And Ipad Holder

For the flashing of handprints on removable adhesive surfaces, you can generally refer to the flashprinting procedures on non-permeable objects, using the 502 method and the powder method. However, please note that the fingerprints on the sticky surface cannot be damaged during flashing. Do not adhere the powder to the sticky surface of the tape when using the powder method. As for the fingerprints on the sticky surface, because of the special physical properties of the sticky surface, the pressure-sensitive adhesive is very dry. It is not a permeable object. It is not a permeable object.

Optical photography sometimes has better results. For their two poorer fingerprints, such as on-site tapes are often twisted together. The adhesive surface is often uneven. Adhesion of dust, dirt, fibers and other debris are difficult problems that cannot be handled by optical photography methods. The handprint on the adhesive surface flashes. There is no very effective method yet. Shenzhen Xinst Technology Co., Ltd. found that the suspension method, carbon ink method, dyeing method and physical developer method are now more effective on the fingerprints on the adhesive surface.

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