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Black technology magic nano tape, strong adhesive, washable, no sticking after repeated application

xinst3月 12, 2020

Black technology magic nano tape,

For modern people

OCD has become

common case

Whether in daily life or work

People expect everything to be


But there are always some places

No matter how you organize

In the end it gets messy.

For example

Kitchen at home

Believe to see such a scene

Severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

Is already going crazy

And the traditional way of wall hangings

Or just nail it on the wall

It's very easy to fit in the white wall

Leave ugly potholes

Or use

Vintage double-sided tape

Although this tape is strong

But also on walls and objects

Leaves traces that are difficult to remove completely

Although it's all small things in life

But it ’s enough for countless patients with OCD

For nothing

Don't worry! Today, Xinst recommends a nano magic tape from China that does not hurt the adhesion surface and has super high viscosity-Xinst29001 magic nano Micro Suction foam Tape

This magic nano tape is made of colorless and transparent rubber material, and its surface is densely covered with a large number of nano-scale micropores.

With its double-sided adhesiveness, various items can be hung on the wall.

With it, you can hang all the commonly used tools or items on the wall and take them with you.


For large pieces like frame oil paintings, you can also use this magic tape to easily put on the wall, so don't worry about falling.

The use of traditional double-sided tape can leave very difficult residues on the wall.

And this Xinst29001 magic nano tape is not only sticky. And it is extremely convenient when cleaning up. It can be removed from the wall with a slight tear without leaving any traces.

Don't throw away the used magic tape! Just clean the used tape in water.

You can use it again, and it's still sticky.

In addition to hanging on the wall, there are so many magic tapes that can be used in life!

Carpets moving back and forth at home

Furniture that tends to scratch the floor when moving

Prepare a roll at home

Make life simple and enjoyable

Double Sided Nano Magic Tape Micro Suction Foam Tape For Temporary Signs And Ipad Holder

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