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New environmentally friendly flame retardant green polyester film tape

xinstMar 21, 2020

New environmentally friendly flame retardant green polyester film tape

Green PET High Temperature Tape

Green polyester film An antistatic, new environmentally friendly polyester flame retardant film tape with a thickness less than 0.018, consisting of a polyester film (1), an antistatic liquid (2), and a flame retardant coating (3). A layer of flame retardant coating is impregnated on the upper layer of the polyester film, and a layer of antistatic liquid is impregnated on the flame retardant coating. The flame retardant coating is phosphorous-nitrogen solution. Phosphorus-nitrogen solution is an environmentally friendly colorless, odorless, transparent flame retardant, which can make the polyester film produced with good flame retardancy, insulation, and reduce The production thickness of polyester film. Antistatic liquid significantly reduces the surface resistance of plastic products, making it reach the 7th power of 10 to the 9th power of 10 ohms. The antistatic is highly efficient, durable, non-toxic, and can well prevent the production of polyester film friction during production. The static electricity reduces the occurrence of fire during the use of the cable.


Features of green polyester film tape:

1.Its initial tack and adhesion are excellent;

2.It has the characteristics of no adhesive residue, no warping and no shedding after baking at high temperature;

3.It has solvent resistance;

4.It is acid and alkali resistant Performance;

5, and long-term temperature resistance of 200 ℃.

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