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How to judge the quality of electrical insulation tape

xinst3月 23, 2020

The full name of electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation adhesive tape, and some people call it electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. Electrical tape is suitable for the insulation of various resistance parts. There are three types of general electrical tapes, one is insulating black tape, the second is PVC electrical flame retardant tape, and the third is high-voltage self-adhesive tape, each of which has a function. How to judge the quality of insulation tape when choosing tape?

PVC Material And Single Sided Adhesive PVC Insulation Tape

First look from the outside to see if there are any flaws, whether the tape is rewinded, whether there are burrs, and whether the tape material is smooth. (There are many types of electrical insulation tapes, so we will not introduce the quality of the materials. It depends on usage).

Looking at the glue, most of the glue has now evolved to environmental protection. The taste is very important. If it is pungent, it is more likely to be a defective product (not all tape). Is there any anti-sticking when the tape is pulled down and used, Is there any adhesive residue after tearing it off? If the adhesive residue is on the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape.

Note: The PVC material is basically the same, mainly to see the glue. After a period of time after the bad-quality tape is bandaged, you can see that the glue and the PVC material are separated. It looks sticky, very uncomfortable, and good quality. This problem does not occur with adhesive tape.

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