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PTFE fiberglass Wear resistant Adhesive Tape

xinst9月 07, 2020

PTFE Fiberglass Tape Description

Xinst selects high quality Pure Teflon film, with a special surface treatment and then coating with high quality silicone adhesive to produce the PTFE fiberglass film adhesive tape. With the special coating machine and accurate cutting machine, we can supply the high and consistent quality product as per our clients' requirement.

PTFE film teflon tape 5

The product is widely applied in the conduct roll for resistance of high temperature, acid, alkali and non-stain of the surface, protecting with the low friction of heating up flat, pulling off of the plastic model, joining and binding up cable of high temperature and high-pressure wiht anti-static, protecting wiht the electrical component's jointing in high temperature, affixing of the hot plastic parts. It can be used conveniently, long-lived and have good insulation. This tape can be well used in the temperature range of -60---+26O


1. Strong adhesion and no residue
2. Corrosion resistant
3. Good isolation and shock absorption performance
4. High density and flexibility for permanent bonding
5. Excellent performance for vibration and anti-crack.
6. Ideal for rough and uneven surfaces.
7. Weather resistant- good waterproof


1. Mounting nameplate, mirrors, plastic, Acrylic plate, glass, metal, wood, hooks, home decorations, photo wall etc
2. Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape secures mouldings, trim, and emblems to the vehicle body with no mess.
3. Filling and sealing gaps around windows, glass, doors, and car
4. Reducing the Noise, shock absorber ability
5. Applying to permanent fixing or irregular surface
6. Can be die cutted to various precison shapes
7. We Supply to USA, Europe, Germany, Austrilia and others and Professional Perfomance double sided tape supplier

model   THICKNESS(mm)   thickness(mil)   max width   LengthRange   Colour Available   TemperatureRange
Xinst0204-05   0.05   3.0   1000mm 10~55m Creamy White   -70~260° C
Xinst0204-13   0.13   5.0   1000mm 10~55m   Creamy White   -70~260° C
Xinst0204-18   0.18   7.0   1000mm   10~55m   Creamy White   -70~260° C
Xinst0204-25   0.25   10.0   1000mm 10~55m   Creamy White   -70~260° C


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