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supply xinst non-woven butyl waterproof rubber mastic tape

xinst9月 04, 2020

The single-sided xinst non-woven butyl waterproof tape is made of fiber non-woven fabric base material and strong adhesive butyl rubber, and has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance. It has the functions of sealing and protection. Because it is completely solvent-free, it does not shrink, cure, crack, or emit toxic gases; therefore, it has a good follow-up to the thermal expansion and contraction of the surface of the adherend and mechanical deformation. It is an advanced waterproof sealing material It is mainly used for the connection of steel structure gutters, color slabs and concrete walls, and the repair of leaking parts such as metal roofs and carriages.


Product features

1) It can maintain permanent flexibility and can withstand a certain degree of displacement.
2) Excellent waterproof and sealing performance and chemical resistance, strong anti-ultraviolet (sunlight) ability; more than 20 years of service life.
3) Easy to use, accurate dosage and excellent cost performance.

butyl rubber waterproof  tape
butyl rubber waterproof tape

Butyl waterproof tape application:

It is mainly used for the lap joint between the steel plates of the steel structure house and the steel plate and the sunshine board, the sealing between the sunshine board and the steel plate and the concrete. Wind power industry. Doors and windows, concrete roof walls, ventilation ducts, building decoration sealing and waterproofing. Sealing and anti-vibration of automobile engineering, refrigerator and freezer.

Construction method

1. According to different gaps and seam widths, choose different specifications of tape

2. The water, oil, dirt, dust and other impurities on the surface must be removed before use, and the silicone glue on the surface to be glued before repair, and organic solvents can be used for special cleaning. When cleaning with water, you must wait for the surface to be adhered to dry completely before construction

3. Tear off the release paper from the tape and stick tape along the seams or cracks

4. Use your hand or a small pressing roller to roll the surface of the tape to make it fully adhere to the surface to be adhered to ensure that the tape and the surface of the adherend are tightly bonded

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