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PVC protective film product characteristics requirements and size control

xinst2月 17, 2020

PVC protective film product characteristics requirements:

Attention should be paid to the use of film adhesives on the characteristics of PVC protective film products. At this point, the film pressure glue is a two-component glue, and the activation temperature is about 60 ℃. The storage environment temperature must be between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. Flocculation below 5 ° C will cause flocculation. The plastic bucket should not be placed directly on the ground. It should be placed on a wooden bracket, especially in winter. This time can ensure the excellent PVC protective film products.

Optical PU Adhesive PET Protective Film

When the PVC protective film is actually used, it should also be noted that it is also a PVC rolled product, which is relatively thin, uniform in thickness, and flattened well. After that, the transparency of the product itself is good, the water pattern is small, and the crystal points are few The product has high static resistance value and good electrostatic effect. The viscosity is good, and the viscosity can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The produced product meets national industry standards.

Size control of PVC protective film products:

PVC protective film products are different in size. In this respect, because the protective film is made according to the type and size of various products when it is used, the size of this protective film is of course the same as ours Most of the techniques to be controlled during production are related. Regarding this control, the thickness measurement should be performed first, by integrating the average value of the thickness values ​​measured along the width direction of the protective film or the circumference of the bubble, and then comparing with the set value. The traction speed and extrusion output can be corrected correctly.

When controlling the size of PVC protective film products, pay attention to the gravity measurement system. The average value of this protective film thickness is necessarily determined directly by a continuous gravimetric system. If the mathematical relationship of the film width is known, the current value of the thickness can be derived, and based on this, the closed-loop control of the production speed and extrusion output.

In order to control the size of PVC protective film products, pay attention to the thickness tolerance. The prerequisite for thickness control is that the thickness measuring device covers every point of the entire protective film width. A system equipped with a microprocessor capable of fully automatic closed-loop control has appeared on the market. Based on two fundamentally different design ideas, two thickness tolerances have emerged. These are normal phenomena.

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