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What are the advantages of thermal double sided adhesive tape?

xinstFeb 17, 2020

Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of thermal double sided adhesive tape:

The Thermal double sided adhesive tape easy to operate; It is ideal material for assembling between uneven surface mechanisms, and has both heat conduction, insulation and pasting materials; it can effectively solve the problems of heat conduction, insulation and buffering of electronic products at the same time.

Thermally Conductive Glue Tape For LED Strip

The polymer used can make the product have excellent flexibility, conformability, self-adhesion and high compression ratio; especially the self-adhesion can make the heat conduction more fit the heat dissipation module and reduce the thermal resistance. The working environment has a wide temperature range (-40 ~ 120 ° C), which can effectively overcome a variety of harsh institutional environments, can fill uneven surfaces, and comprehensively export heat sources on electronic components; even closed spaces do not need to change any Institutions are ready to use.

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