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Shenzhen Xinst Technology Co.,Ltd 3M 8915

xinstMar 31, 2020

3M 8915
Type VHB substrate VHB foam

3M 8915 Filament Tape High bonding wear resistance self adhesive fiberglass tape

3M 8915 Thickness 1.10 (mm) Specifications: 610mm * 33m (width can be cut according to customer needs)
Color White Short-term temperature resistance 149 (℃)
Long-term temperature resistance 93 (℃) Application range Suitable for bonding of high surface energy materials such as metal, glass and most plastics
3M4950, high-density *** foam substrate, *** adhesive, excellent bonding strength, good sealing performance, can replace the traditional mechanical connection methods such as riveting, welding, etc. to play a structural fixing role, UV resistance, solvent resistance, Can be used outdoors.
Product application: Suitable for bonding of high surface energy materials such as metal, glass and most plastics.
The full structure of 3M VH *** strong adhesive double-sided tape can replace rivets, screws and other mechanical fixings. Not only can it seal and isolate moisture and most solvents, but it can also resist UV and cold and heat cycles for a long time. Mian can be used as a buffer material for ***. Different from the mechanically fixed point of force, VHB tape can evenly disperse the force, and users can use lighter and thinner materials without material deformation and metal fatigue. 3M VHB high applicability tape also has more features: high applicability, excellent caulking effect, unique adhesive is also suitable for different surfaces and low temperature construction.

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