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The working principle and use method of sports tape muscle patch

xinstJul 01, 2020

What is muscle patch after all?

Muscle patch is a new type of elastic treatment patch. We often see on TV that Li Na, Harden, Sun Yue and others wear muscle patch during matches sports tape.

What are the characteristics of sports tape muscle patch compared with traditional sports tape?

① The muscle tape has high elasticity (can achieve a stretch range of more than 60% of the original length), and its biggest advantage is that it can be suitable for muscle movement and does not limit the normal range of movement of the body joints.

②The muscle patch is strongly sticky. Most of the skin patches use specially treated hospital acrylic glue, which has strong adhesion ability, so it can ensure the stress and cut between the skin patches and the skin, achieve high stability and produce mechanical stimulation to the epidermis, so that the epidermis produces a sense of perception .

③ The muscle patch has good breathability. Unlike traditional patches, muscle patches mostly use elastic cotton cloth with mesh as the base material and are equipped with special adhesives to ensure that the skin can have certain contact with the air during the long-term sticking process.

④Muscular patch products are mostly waterproof and sweat-proof to ensure that the effect of paste is not affected when sweating. You can also take a bath after sticking. Some products are quick-drying and will become dry soon after sweating.

What is the main function of muscle paste?

①Promote the normal function of muscles (relax muscles)

② Increase lymphatic reflux and promote blood circulation

③Relieve and regulate pain

④ Correct the misaligned joints

⑤ Help muscles to function normally (promote muscles)

⑥ The role of assisting and regulating tendons and ligaments

⑦Adjust fascia and restore normal function of fascia

⑧ Increase body surface perception and proprioception

⑨Psychotherapy and soothing effect

How to use the muscle patch on the main part of the body

The function of the muscle patch mainly depends on its elastic retraction force, so the direction of the retraction force is the key factor that determines the direction of the attachment.

In addition, do not apply tension at the beginning and end, which will affect the stickiness of the tape.

Furthermore, it is necessary to cut the ends of the muscle tape into a circular arc shape, so that the muscle patch is not easy to roll up.

Muscle patch is mainly used in two aspects: one is to recover muscles during the recovery period when they are not exercising, repair muscle damage due to excessive contraction or excessive stretching, and play a role in relaxing muscles, called muscle relaxation, It is also called therapeutic tape; another situation is to promote muscle contraction during exercise, or to help muscles to play their due role, which is called to promote muscle tape, also known as auxiliary sports tape.

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