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The application of hot-melt adhesive of anti-epidemic materials on masks, protective clothing, disposable protective mattresses!

xinstApr 15, 2020

Overview of medical care industry such as masks and protective clothing

The epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia virus is spreading all over the world. The medical supplies hot melt adhesive are very scarce, the supply is seriously in short supply, and the supply is in short supply. Still in short supply. "Mask" has become one of the most searched words this year. Masks are now an industry. If one-third of the world's 7.5 billion people wear masks, and one person uses an average mask a day, then there are 2.5 billion masks. For a mask of 2 yuan / piece, there is 5 billion yuan a day. The demand for masks in a year reaches 912.5 billion, and the industry scale reaches 1,825 billion yuan. The supply of medical supplies such as protective clothing is actually very tight.


Hot melt adhesive introduction

Hot melt adhesive is the abbreviation of hot melt adhesives, which is an important category of adhesive industry, with 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection, non-toxic, fast curing characteristics, usually refers to the solid state at room temperature, when heated When it reaches a certain temperature, it will melt into a viscous liquid. After coating and wetting the adherend, it will be pressed and cooled to room temperature, and the adhesive will be completed within a few seconds. Therefore, it is widely used in industries such as medical protective equipment, household hygiene products, automated packaging, tape labels, electronic appliances, and automotive interiors.

Thermal application case

Mask nose bridge bonding

There are many types of masks, but they all have a bridge of the nose. The mask is fixed on the bridge of the nose to effectively isolate the virus and ensure smooth exhalation. The bridge of the nose is mostly a thin aluminum bar with a certain strength, but it is also easy to bend, which is convenient for wearing a mask. Most of the fixing of the bridge of the nose is made of hot-melt adhesive. The hot-melt adhesive is first compounded on the bridge of the nose, and then hot-pressed on the production line. Cheng Ming's M-638E is used in the bonding of the bridge of the nose because of its environmental protection, non-toxicity, white and transparent, low odor, strong adhesion, fast curing, and high production efficiency.

Disposable protective clothing material compound

Hot-melt adhesive is used in the combination of PE breathable film and water-repellent non-woven fabric. The bonding strength is required to achieve the effect of breaking the material on both sides. Hot-melt adhesives are usually made of SBC structural adhesive, and the coating weight is 1.8-4.0g / m ; PUR hot melt adhesives are used in some more demanding medical protective clothing.


Disposable protective mattress material composite

The composite of protective mattress is similar to protective clothing. Hot melt adhesive is used in the composite of PE breathable film and water-repellent non-woven fabric. The bonding strength is required to achieve the effect of breaking the material on both sides.  usually use SBC structural adhesive. The weight of glue coating is 1.8-4.0g / m2; such hot-melt adhesives products have the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, fast bonding and strong adhesion.

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