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Nano seamless magic tape

xinstApr 23, 2020

Product Brief :Nano seamless magic tape

The use method of Nano seamless magic tape is simple: only need to measure the size of the position to be pasted, and cut it with scissors. Cut out the shape you want, use it in various corner positions, without leaving marks, and improve the degree of adhesion, easy storage, sticky without injury, without damaging the wall, easily create a simple home, washable, tear off Leave no trace. Nano seamless magic tape。

Wholesale high quality Reusable Magic Adhesive tape Nano Micro Suction foam Tape

product detailed information

Nano seamless magic tape

1. The adherend should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive effect of the tape

Second, apply a certain force to make the tape and the adherend get a good combination;
3. When the use function is completed, the tape should be peeled off as soon as possible to avoid the phenomenon of residual glue;
4. Adhesive tapes that do not have anti-UV function should avoid sunlight exposure and residual glue;
5. Different environments and different stickies, the same tape will show different results; such as glass. Metals, plastics, etc., must be tried before being used in large quantities


Nano seamless glue can stick to the wall, wash and then use!


Magic glue, also known as nano seamless tape, is made of imported technology. The biggest feature is the extremely high bonding strength, leaving no traces. It comes with ultra-high elasticity, and can be stretched at will according to your own preferences. It is designed in the form of double-sided tape. The surface is attached to a large number of nanomolecules and has a strong adsorption force to bind the items.


It is suitable for bonding on a variety of materials, even if it is stuck on the wall, it will not cause damage. It can be used for hanging articles in home decoration instead of hooks. Weighing can reach the weight of a bottle of bottled water. It can also be used to hang articles. When the space is too small and there are too many debris, it can be directly bonded without leaving any glue left on the articles.

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