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The difference between PVC duct tape and cloth duct tape

xinstJun 12, 2020

The difference between PVC duct tape and cloth duct tape

PVC pipe bai tape:
PVC pipe adhesive tape is made of PVC material, industry name: anti-corrosion adhesive tape, pipeline anti-corrosion tape. The adhesion is very strong, and the paste is very strong. If the pipe bursts basically will not explode at the glue joint, it will definitely not leak and burst when it is stuck. Therefore, it is mainly used for pipeline anticorrosion.

Black Matte Non-Reflective Cloth Stage Tape Gaffer Tape
Cloth duct tape:
Cloth-based tape is based on the thermal compound of polyethylene and gauze fibers. It has strong peeling strength, tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproofing, and corrosion resistance, so it is also used in pipeline waterproofing.

Duct tape is mainly used for anti-corrosion tape outside the buried pipeline. Du's role is to protect the steel pipe from external water vapor and electrolyte corrosion. Mainly include: polyethylene anti-corrosion tape, polypropylene anti-corrosion tape, viscoelastic anticorrosion Adhesive tape, aluminum foil butyl waterproof anticorrosive tape and other products. The difference from cloth-based adhesive tapes is that it has good sealing performance, airtightness, and strong adhesive force. The adhesive layer is butyl rubber.

Scope of application for pipes, can be torn by hand; moisture-proof; can be bonded to most surfaces; high strength; good flexibility, multiple uses. General-purpose cloth-based tape is based on polyester. It is a backing material with good moisture resistance and conformability. It can be quickly pasted on various surfaces and can be torn by hand. It can be used for pipe sealing and plastic film sealing, repairing hoses, carpet fixing, etc.

Xinst specializes in customizing all kinds of cloth-based carpet adhesive bai belts! Cloth tape du is mainly used for heavy packaging sealing, book framing zhi, carpet seam fixing, pipe seam lap sealing; water pipe joints and penetrating parts repair plugging, floor, countertops and wall protective paper pad fixing; Various bundling, fixing, overlapping, repairing and protecting applications in the industrial process; various other occasions requiring protection and temporary fixing.

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