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The use of xinst acrylic foam double sided tape

xinst2月 24, 2020

The use of xinst acrylic foam double sided tape

Acrylic foam double sided tape is mainly used in electrical products, various small appliances, accessories computers and peripheral equipment, accessories toys, cosmetics, craft gifts, therapeutic instruments, power tools, shelf display, home decoration and transportation industry insulation, paste, seal, non-slip With cushioned shockproof packaging.


Acrylic tape is made of all acrylic material and covered with release film or release paper. This type of tape has the characteristics of waterproof, shock absorption, heat resistance, sound insulation, strong adhesion, good weather resistance and so on. The main uses are in the sealing of glass curtain wall assembly, the assembly of household appliances, and the fixed application of automotive applications.

Factory Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape For Electrical Components

Acrylic foam tape application:

1. Paste various side strips or logos on the side;

2. Paste advertising panels or *, various racks;

3. Paste the door panel of the microwave oven and the front panel of the air conditioner;

4. Assemble the inner and outer panels of railway vehicles;

5. Reinforced steel plate assembled with electric board or escalator;

6. Assemble reinforcement materials for air conditioners, furniture, and vending machines;

7. Assemble various opening magnetic strips and plastic products;

8.Reinforcement boards for fixing printed circuit boards, etc.

9. Assembly of household appliances, fixing of metal plate reinforcement;

10. Anti-corrosion of long-distance oil pipelines;

11. Aircraft * and assembly in the aerospace field.

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