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What is acrylic exceptional foam tapes?

xinstFeb 26, 2020

What is acrylic exceptional foam tapes?

Acrylic exceptional foam tapes, also known as acrylic foam tape. Because different materials have different elongations when the temperature changes. During the component's life cycle, the structural bonding needs to accept the action of static and dynamic forces, and the generated stress needs are dispersed. Acrylic foam tape can be used as this bonding substrate to complete a simple and long-term between different materials. The structure is fixed and no damage is caused to the material itself: This is because it ensures stable bonding between various materials. Even if it is applied to bonded panels with different elongations, it can still accept extreme temperature changes and Achieve stable bonding.

High Strength Acrylic Foam Tape, VHB, Strong Adhesive Force

First, the three main characteristics of acrylic exceptional foam tape:


Complete strong and durable bonding, even on materials with different appearance characteristics

Excellent chemical resistance, adapt to different bonding appearances

Excellent wetting of rough and uneven adhesive surfaces

2. Stress dispersion

Acrylic foam tape provides excellent compensation for static or dynamic stress throughout the entire service life of the part, suitable for curved bonding

Common viscoelasticity can disperse external stress and ensure strong and durable bonding

When the temperature changes extremely, it can compensate the thermal expansion and contraction between different materials

3.Temperature and weather resistance

Outstanding adhesion to the effects of different climates, such as rain, light, etc.

Acrylic material made of chemical bonds between molecules fosters strong oxidation resistance

After special curing response, acrylic foam tape has excellent temperature resistance

Second, the main application areas of acrylic exceptional foam tapes:

1.Automotive category

Acrylic foam tape is suitable for eternal fixation of body exterior parts, especially the bonding of car body curves and corners.

Acrylic foam tape has strong adhesion to materials with different external characteristics such as automotive exterior parts and varnishes. During the entire vehicle life, because the body and exterior trim have different thermal shrinkage rates, static or dynamic stress is easily generated and acts on the bonding site. The viscoelastic properties of acrylic foam tape can achieve the best effect of stress dispersion. In addition, the product can also complete the waterproof sealing of the exterior trim to avoid noise and cope with extreme weather such as hot, severe cold, rain and snow.

2.Electronic category

Acrylic foam tape is suitable for touch screen, window and back panel bonding applications of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products.

Traditionally, narrow bezel designs have become more common in electronics. In the very small bonding area, the acrylic foam tape still adheres to excellent bonding strength, absorbs the impact force during drops and collisions, and exerts the effect of shock absorption to prevent the cover glass from falling or cracking. At the same time, the product is easy to die cut, suitable for bonding and fixing electronic devices of various sizes, and can also complete waterproof sealing.

3. Architecture category

Glass partition wall bonding: Acrylic foam tape can successfully complete the bonding between glass or glass and aluminum profiles. The series of transparent acrylic foam tapes can create an almost invisible partition wall bonding effect, and at the same time, the operation is fast and clean, and the material tolerance can be compensated. According to different design and application requirements, black and white products are also available.

Curtain wall bonding: The striking building facade can be completed by covering up the decorative wall. Compared with traditional mechanical fixing methods, acrylic foam tape can create a more "clean" and beautiful appearance, while meeting the high requirements of outdoor weatherproofing.

Indoor wall covering: Acrylic foam tape can fix ACM panel, acrylic glass panel, HPL panel, mirror surface and wooden panel to the substrate, and quickly change the style of interior decoration. The tape can quickly and cleanly install the panel without damaging the material and waiting for curing time.

Elevator stiffener fixing: Acrylic foam tape can complete the reinforcement of elevator door panels to avoid deformation caused by external forces. In addition to ensuring strong and durable adhesion, the product is also resistant to shock and impact.

Furniture decorative panel fixing: Decorative panels made of acrylic glass, wood, glass and other materials are very common in cabinets, wardrobes and living room furniture. Acrylic foam tape can carry a certain panel weight to complete the durable and secure fixing between different materials.

4. Appliance category

Acrylic foam tape can be used to fix transparent or translucent decorative panels of household appliances, such as refrigerators, electric ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. Invisible bonding ensures the aesthetics of the design of household appliances. At the same time, the foam substrate can also absorb vibration and reduce noise. It is also suitable for curved surfaces with a certain arc. High adhesion can be achieved even on low-appearance surfaces such as plastic.

5. New energy category

Solar Applications: Acrylic foam tape can handle a variety of demanding structural bonding applications in the solar industry, such as module back beams, condensers and daylight reflectors. It can maintain a neat working environment when bonding, and complete fast bonding without boring or curing, providing a reliable and efficient consumption process.

Wind blade applications: In the design of wind blades, external components such as deflectors or serrated trailing edges can optimize turbine performance. Compared to liquid adhesives, the use of acrylic foam tape to bond these external components can reduce assembly time and optimize blade processing and consumption processes. Adhesive tape provides high bond strength, excellent stress dispersal and excellent weather resistance.

6. Transportation

Acrylic foam tape can effectively deal with the assembly of components in ceilings, walls and floors of motor vehicles, high-speed rail or aircraft. The fixing can be done efficiently and securely, while complying with DIN EN 45545's request for "aluminum-tape-aluminum" sandwich construction. Almost everything that is used today in motor vehicles, high-speed rail or aircraft needs to reach the DIN EN 45545 fire rating, which requires the use of certified fire-resistant materials.

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