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Three minutes to teach you to distinguish the quality of car insulation film, not afraid of being fooled

xinstOct 28, 2020

In recent years, car film has become more and more popular, and more and more people choose to use film to enhance the car's use experience and achieve the functions of car protection and decoration. Car heat insulation film is one of the very practical car films. Only because of the low production threshold and high profits, some unscrupulous merchants use shoddy films and sell them as genuine products. A series of problems will appear soon after the use of inferior thermal insulation film, such as poor thermal insulation effect, fading, fringing, blistering, unclear vision, and so on. Below, Xinst teaches you how to correctly distinguish the quality of automotive film in the mixed car film market.

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1. Brand

Choosing a good brand will be able to protect 90% of the inferior films on the market. Just as everyone would think of "Huami OV", Apple, Samsung, etc. when buying a mobile phone, the same is true for the purchase of car insulation films. Choose some big brands, trustworthy brands, such as Weigu, Longmo, 3m. And so on, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the long-term warranty service is provided for the riders to solve the after-sales worries of the riders.

2. Material

Material is also an important criterion. The material of low-quality insulation film is different from that of high-quality insulation film. Poor quality films are very thin, soft to the touch, lack sufficient toughness, are not resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and are easy to age and brittle. In the event of an accidental collision or foreign body impact, the diaphragm is easily broken and the glass cannot be glued together. Excellent thermal insulation film is made of special polyester film as the base material. The film has strong toughness, which can increase the instantaneous impact strength of the glass, and is matched with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. When the glass encounters an accidental collision, it can resist glass splash and protect the safety of the car owner.

3. Thermal insulation effect

Thermal insulation effect and thermal insulation rate are the first considerations. Thermal insulation performance is the main criterion for evaluating the quality of a thermal insulation film, and it also determines the price. Pay special attention to this when purchasing, because some films on the market have only transparency and no heat insulation. The UV blocking rate of high-quality car insulation film can reach more than 99%, and it can reflect infrared rays, so the temperature in the car is much lower, and the hot summer can reduce the load of the air conditioner and save the fuel consumption of the car.

4. Odor

The easiest way to distinguish the quality of car insulation film is to smell the smell. Generally, good car film is tasteless or has a slight fragrance, while poor film will have a smelly taste. Secondly, you can cut a small piece of film and rub it in water or find a place to grind it. A good quality film will be intact after rubbing, while a poor film will have scratches.

5. No harmful gas

Ordinary automotive glass insulation film products need to undergo health and safety testing before they are launched, and will not produce volatile substances harmful to health. However, because of the low-quality materials and simple process, the inferior thermal insulation film not only has poor stability, but also easily decomposes and ages under the action of light and heat. Materials and adhesives often contain high-risk substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, which can harm the health of car owners, especially children. So pay attention to this issue when buying.

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