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Use of foam tape

xinst2月 28, 2020

Use of foam tape

Q: How will the properties of the foam tape change under high and low temperature environment?

A: When the temperature rises, the glue and foam will become softer, and the adhesive strength will decrease, but the applicability will be better. When the temperature is lowered, the tape becomes harder, and the adhesive strength increases but the adhesiveness becomes worse. The performance of the tape will return to its original value as the temperature returns to normal.

3M VHB Equalment Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape
Q: How do I remove a part after it is pasted?

A: Generally, this is difficult, except for a short time after it is pasted. Before removing, you need to soak the part to soften the rubber surface, soften it and peel it off or use a knife or other tools to cut the foam. Residues of glue and foam can be easily removed with 3M special cleaners or other solvents.

Q: Can the tape be removed and re-attached after the tape is glued?

A: If the component is only pressed with a light force, it can be removed and re-attached. However, if it is completely compacted, it will be difficult to peel it off. The glue may be stained and the tape needs to be replaced again. If a long time has passed after the component is pasted, it is more difficult to remove, and the entire component is usually replaced.

Q: How long can I remove the release paper before applying the tape?

A: The effect of air on the adhesive is small, but the dust in the air will stain the surface of the adhesive, thereby reducing the tape's properties. Therefore, the shorter the exposure time of the glue in the air, the better. We recommend applying tape immediately after removing the release paper.

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