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What are the functions of the car protective film that can be completed in 3 minutes with one spray and one wipe?

xinstOct 16, 2020

As a means of transportation for people, cars generally appear in every family. When people buy a new car, they will immediately think of putting a protective film on the car. Currently, there is a car coating spray on the market that has attracted widespread attention. This kind of car coating spray is waterproof, antifouling and scratch resistant. It can instantly protect the surface of the car with one spray and one wipe for 3 minutes, and the protective film built in this way can last for 6 months. So is the car coating spray good? Is car spray coating really useful? Let’s take a look at this black technology protection artifact-XT coating spray.

window film
window film

XT coating spray integrates a variety of protective functions. It uses nano-protection ion technology to form a lotus-like hydrophobic film on the surface of a variety of objects to block acid rain and pollutants. The film is highly waterproof and waterproof. Contaminants, anti-fog, dust-proof and other functions, and good air permeability.

When in use, it only takes 3 minutes to spray and wipe to form a stable waterproof film on the surface of the car, so that the muddy water will be rolled down directly without sticking to the car body. Even driving on a muddy road on a rainy day can keep the car as clean as ever. Under this smooth surface, in addition to instantaneous shedding of dust and muddy water, its strong hydrophobic effect can prevent rainwater from corroding the car body in rainy days.

In addition to the super waterproof and anti-fouling effects, the unique protective layer of XT coating also has a super anti-scratch effect, allowing the surface of the car to refuse scratches.

In addition, unlike ordinary coatings that can only be used on car paint surfaces, XT coatings can be applied to a variety of different materials and parts to achieve the effects of protection, decontamination and waterproofing, such as car lights, car logos, Tires, interior trim, plastic strips, plastic parts, leather car seat cushions, etc., can be used on any part of the car, and the luster will be restored immediately with one spray. Its unique black technology can make the car look new.

Therefore, I think the car coating spray is good. Spray one spray and one wipe, and it only takes 3 minutes to coat the body with a protective film, so that the gloss and smoothness of the body is close to that of a new car, and it can effectively protect it. The most important thing is to save time. So does this protective film impress you? Of course, the benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom. If you have used this car spray coating, you can also leave a message to tell us its advantages and disadvantages.

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