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What is the structure of the glass window film?

xinstOct 16, 2020

When decorating, many people ask whether the glass film is good? In fact, the special film attached to the glass is called the glass window film. Glass window film is generally used for window glass surface during home decoration or automobile glass surface. According to Ruihua Technology, various glass window film products must have a one-way protection function, that is, one-way prevention of damage from the outside to the inside. However, there is no hindrance to the damage from indoors. When accidents such as fires, earthquakes, and car accidents occur, people inside can easily escape through the glass.

glass winsow film
glass winsow film

Explained in written terms, glass window film is a multi-layer functionalized polyester composite film material, which can improve the performance and strength of glass by sticking on the surface of architectural glass, and can improve the flexural strength of glass and the impact strength of glass. Avoid personal injury accidents caused by broken and falling glass, and has the functions of anti-theft and anti-ultraviolet rays.

Let's take a look at the structure of the glass window film.

The glass window film structure diagram consists of the following parts: anti-wear layer, colored PET safety base layer, metal heat insulation layer, composite adhesive, UV absorption layer, transparent PET safety base layer, installation adhesive and highly transparent PET release film.

1. Anti-wear layer: composed of wear-resistant polyurethane, with a hardness of up to 4H;

2. Colored PET safety base layer: It is made of high-strength, high-transparency PET polyester and pigment by melt extrusion and biaxial stretching. Because the pigment is sandwiched in the PET film, it can prevent oxidation and discoloration and has a long life;

3. Metal heat insulation layer: on the PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering metal aluminum, silver, nickel and other nano-level metal layers with high infrared reflectivity;

4. Composite adhesive: composed of polyurethane adhesive with good weather resistance and high transparency;

5. UV absorption layer: It is composed of special UV absorber, which can block 99% of ultraviolet rays;

6. Transparent PET safety base layer: It is composed of high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester film, the purpose is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle to prevent metal oxidation and extend the life of the metal film;

7. Installation adhesive: It is composed of acrylate adhesive with good weather resistance and high transparency;

8. PET release film: This layer requires higher light transmittance of the release film.

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