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What is thermally conductive double-sided tape?

hqtNov 22, 2019

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape is made of acrylic polymer filled thermally conductive ceramic powder and compounded with silicone adhesive. Has high thermal conductivity and insulation characteristics, and has softness, compression, conformability, strong viscosity. It can adapt to a wide temperature range, can fill uneven surfaces, can closely and firmly fit the heat source device and the heat sink, and quickly conduct heat.

thermally conductive double-sided tape-detail

Application bonding:

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape is the most effective method in the field of IC heat sink fixing. It is professionally used for double-sided adhesive bonding of heat sinks and chips. LED is more convenient to use. Put a thermally conductive double-sided adhesive between the LED and the aluminum, You can press it with a little force; the thermal conductivity effect is more significant than the general thermal adhesive effect. This product can also be used for bonding other devices that need heat conduction. Instead of fixing with screws, it can achieve the most effective heat dissipation. Generally, the method of bonding other heat sinks and heating equipment is very convenient. The heat-conducting double-sided adhesive is placed between the heat sink and the heat sink, and the heat sink is firmly fixed on the heat sink, which is simple and convenient to use. Conducive to improving production efficiency. Its heat dissipation effect is more obvious than that of general heat dissipation stickers, which greatly improves the life of components, and is the first choice for some high-end and heat-conducting electronic products.

Performance characteristics:

High thermal conductivity and stability, its life is longer than general thermal double-sided stickers, and it can work for 5 years at room temperature (80-120 degrees).

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