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Nitto 973UL-S Nitoflon PTFE Fiberglass Tape

Place of Origin:Japan

Brand Name:Nitto

Model Number:973UL-S

Adhesive:Silicone, Silicone Adhesive

Adhesive Side:Single Sided

Adhesive Type:Hot Melt, Pressure Sensitive

Design Printing:No printing

Material: Other

Feature:Heat-Resistant, Has good heat retention and dimensional stability.


Specs .:T0.13mm*W13mm*L10m


Short-term heat resistance:300℃

Continuous use temperature:-60~260℃

Base material:PTFE Glass Cloth

Advantage:Has a good off models and smoothness.

Application:Used in pharmacy, food, printing industry

Nitto 973UL-S Nitoflon PTFE Fiberglass Tape

Nitto NITOFLON 973UL-S PTFE Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes is high-temperature super-  tack electronic tape imported from Japan. It’s top quality, stability and durability, a variety of model specifications. Single surface treated and coated with a silicone adhesive, which exhibits excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.

Has a good off models and smoothness.
Has good heat retention and dimensional stability.
Nonadhesive surface with electrical characteristics, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance (waterproof), low coefficient of friction, adhesion and other four non-fluorinated ethylene resin possess good properties.

Nitto Nitoflon 973UL-S Fiberglass PTFE tape Features:

wear-resisting, anti-pressure, anti-erosive, anti-microwave, high temperature resistant, anti-rubbing, slippery, sticking firmly, and shapely grain.

It can resist higher temperature and more cold than common tape. In continuous use, the temperature range is -100-260 degrees Celsius, melting point up to 327 degrees, low friction, and good lubricity; on the high voltage insulator with good effect; on the chemicals or solvents not Chemical reaction; and has anti-light, anti-oxidation effect; good stickiness.

Origin: Japan
Adhesive Properties: Silicone;
Long-term temperature resistant: -60~280℃ , short-term temperature resistant: -50/300 ° C,
Tensile strength: (n / cm) 135-150;
Adhesion: (n/25mm)> 6.5,

Model:973ul-s T0.13MM*W19MM*L10M

If the Nitto 973UL-S Nitoflon PTFE Fiberglass Tape to your requirement, please be free to buy the quality products made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We’re equipped with a productive factory at your service.

Nitto PTFE Fiberglass tape Application:

• For heat sealing
• For heat-resistant masking
• For heat-resistant electrical insulation

Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, printing industry, industrial, chemical and other fields. The product is mainly used for bag sealing machine.




Type(Nitto Denko) Spec
923S T0.10mm*W38/50mm*L33m
903UL T0.08mm*W13/15/19/25/38/50/100/250/300/540mm*L10m
903UL T0.18mm*W18/19/300mm*L10m
903UL T0.13mm*W18/19/25/50/300mm*L10m
973UL-S T0.13mm*W10/13/19/25/38/50/75/100/300/600mm*L10m
973UL T0.18mm*W19/25/50mm*L10m
975 T0.12mm*W13/19/25/30/38/50/200/300mm*L10m
970-2UL T0.07mm*W650mm*L10m


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