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Analiza e materialit të vetëm EVA!

xinst09 maj 2020

The material used for EVA soles is ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer (also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), which is made by copolymerizing ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). The English name is EthyleneVinylAcetate. Referred to as EVA, the content is between 5% and 40%.

Compared with polyethylene, EVA has been widely used in foam shoes due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer in the molecular chain, thereby reducing high crystallinity, improving flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility and heat sealing performance. Materials, functional shed films, packaging films, hot melt adhesives, wires and cables, toys and other fields.

Characteristics of EVA sole:

EVA soles are characterized by good flexibility, rubber-like elasticity, and can still have good flexibility below 0 ℃, transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, good aging resistance and ozone resistance , Non-toxic. Good blending with filler, good coloring and molding processability.

It is closely related to the vinyl acetate content, molecular weight and melt index. When the melt index (MI) is constant and the content of vinyl acetate (VA) increases, its elasticity, flexibility, compatibility, and transparency also increase. When the VA content is reduced, the performance is close to polyethylene, the rigidity is increased, and the wear resistance and electrical insulation are improved.

If the VA content is constant, the melt index increases, the softening point decreases, the processability and surface gloss improve but the strength decreases. Otherwise, as the MI decreases, the molecular weight increases and the impact performance and environmental stress cracking resistance increase. Acetate polarity increases elasticity and viscosity, crystallinity and electrical properties decrease, soluble in hydrocarbon solvents and oils.


Is the EVA sole made of EVA material durable? This has two sides. If there is a good one, there will definitely be a bad side, so this is hard to say. EVA sole material is a polymer material, commonly used for jogging, jogging, casual shoes, foot training soles. The EVA sole made of EVA sole material is very light and elastic, but the elasticity decreases after wearing for a long time.

Advantages: EVA sole is light, elastic, flexible, not wrinkle-free, has excellent coloring properties, and is suitable for various climates.

Disadvantages: EVA soles are easy to absorb water, not easy to corrode, not environmentally friendly, easy to dirty, and will become hard and flat after a long time.

Because the EVA resin blended e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e59b9ee7ad9431333431343037 foamed products have soft, good elasticity, chemical resistance and other properties, EVA soles are widely used in the soles and interior materials of high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals.

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