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Factory Directly Sell die cutting adhesive tape foam tape copper tape

xinst3月 07, 2020

Factory Directly Sell die cutting adhesive tape foam tape copper tape

Factory tape supplier ,Our company undertakes POLYSLIDER, PEEK, Nitto, SONY, 3M double-sided tape, Tesa double-sided tape, domestic and imported tape, imported brands PORON (mainly in the United States, Japan, South Korea), ceramic heat sinks, Copper and aluminum heat sinks, PET, PVC film, EVA, dust nets, gaskets, protective films, gold fingers, die-cutting of a full set of mobile phone tablet accessories. Our company's products have been fully implemented and strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system, and have received the support and recognition of our customers. The company has dust-free production workshops, high-precision die-cutting machines, high-precision punches, laminating machines, cutting machines, printing machines, laser proofing machines, two-dimensional precision production and quality testing equipment, hardware processing production with core competitiveness Advantage. And has a complete production management system and quality management system, has won the trust and technical support of our customers.

There are many types of 3M double-sided adhesive such as: 9080 9448A 9448HK 9075 9080 9888T 9070 55236 55231 4229 9415 467MP 468MP 9495MP, 1600T, etc. There are many types of punching adhesives, such as TESA Desa double-sided adhesive, NITTO Nitto 500, SONY T4000, American 3M double-sided tape, acrylic foam rubber molding, we can all die-cut punching.

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