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Why we choose acrylic foam tape?

xinstMar 07, 2020

Xinst series acrylic foam tape, also known as VHB tape.
It is perfect equal to 3M acrylic foam tape.

Typical applications of xinst acrylic foam tape include the addition of trims and seals throughout the body, such as:

1) Door and window seal

2) Door panels and inlays

3) Roof rack

4) Spoiler

5) Shake plate forming

6) parking sensor family

Acrylic foam tape

High-performance, heat-activated acrylic foam tape provides a superior option to bond elastomers and rubber profiles.
The heated lamination process provides uniform adhesion along the entire sealed or decorative surface, preventing the intrusion of dust, moisture, noise and other external influences.
The result is a tight, durable bond that reduces the risk of corrosion and provides enhanced sound insulation.

Learn more about the benefits of heat-activated acrylic foam tape and see how our experts can help improve your manufacturing process:
Except tape

We are more than just tape.
Our team has extensive experience working with customers in the automotive industry to provide customized, end-to-end solutions to the challenges of modern manufacturing.
This may include designing custom, die-cut parts to help increase cost efficiency;
Or primer and label solutions that provide a secure bond with a stable, easy attachment process.

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