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How is the difference between 3m rhino protective film and ordinary invisible car clothing

xinstJun 24, 2020

3M, as a well-known automotive film company, has a varnish protective film, referred to as “rhino hide”. Although 3m rhino cowhide is not 3M’s exclusive film, it is also an excellent film in the same industry!

What is a rhinoceros skin film

Self healing 3m 8591 rhino skin film Car Paint transparent ppf paint protection film for door handle
3m 8591 rhino skin film paint protection film for door handle

Rhino cowhide car film is a protective paint film, mainly made of high-tech textured polyurethane film, with strong strength and toughness! Rhino hide film can protect the painted surface of various parts of the car body from peeling and scratching, and can effectively prevent the rust and yellowing of the painted surface.

Features of 3M Rhino Leather

⑴ 3M rhinoceros has super toughness, and can effectively resist the collision of hard objects such as crushed stones.

⑵ 3M rhinoceros has strong scratch resistance and abrasion resistance, and can effectively prevent minor scratches on other metal objects such as keys.

⑶3M rhino cowhide has very good anti-oxidation performance. Due to the high density of the material used, it is higher than the car color change film. It can effectively block the erosion of harmful substances in the air and delay the oxidation of topcoat and metal.

⑷3M rhinoceros has excellent UV resistance, and can also have a certain protective effect on the topcoat.

⑸ The transparency of 3M rhinoceros hide is very good, basically it will not have any effect on the primary color and appearance of the car topcoat. If it is not carefully observed after pasting, it is difficult to be noticed by the naked eye.

3M Rhinoceros leather attaching process

⑴ The car mainly chooses the appropriate size

The width of “rhino skin” is generally 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 70mm and 80mm, etc. Before mounting, the appropriate size should be selected according to the width of the part to be attached, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.

⑵ Need to clean the surface of the sticking part.

In order to ensure that the “rhino hide” is firmly attached, the owner should use a special clear lotion to thoroughly clean the attachment site.

(Rhino skin)

Tear off the protective film on the surface of the “rhino skin”, paste the glued surface directly on the cleaned part, and then use a plastic scraper to compact it, and finally remove the internal bubbles, even if the “rhino skin” is installed .

⑷ Rhino hide replacement

After the car is severely scratched, the “rhino skin” will also be damaged. To avoid affecting the appearance of the car, it should be replaced if necessary. Due to the strong adhesion of “rhino skin”, an electric hair dryer should be used to uniformly heat the pasted area during replacement. While heating, carefully remove the “rhino skin”. Just replace it.

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