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Understanding pressure sensitive tape peeling

xinst3月 24, 2020

The full name of pressure-sensitive adhesive is pressure-sensitive adhesive, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, referred to as pressure-sensitive adhesive. Pressure-sensitive adhesive products include pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive label paper, and pressure-sensitive film. Their full name is pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive label paper, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, commonly known as tape, self-adhesive label paper, pressure-sensitive film. This component has been adjusted to achieve better product performance.


Concept of peeling force

The force required to peel the tested tape from the object is one of the most important indicators of the tape.

It is also a reference index used to quickly determine whether product batches are consistent. It has practical significance in quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).

Total peeling energy = energy of interface peeling (physical adsorption) + energy absorbed by colloid deformation (rheological properties of glue) + energy absorbed by deformation of backing material (rheological properties)



1. Attach the test tape to the specified backing material and cut it into 25.4MM * 20MM sheets (or 10MM * 20MM sheets) in the longitudinal direction.

2. Stick the other side to the standard test steel plate (SUS 304 steel plate), and press it back and forth 3 times with a 2KG pressure roller.

3. Peel at an angle of 180 (or 90 °) after standing for a certain time. The peeling length is about 100MM and the peeling speed is 300MM / MIN.

4 The peeling force curve graph and value are displayed on the tensile machine, and the average of the three tests is taken.

5. Experimental environment: Normal temperature and humidity.



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