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LED thermal conductive tape optimal thermal bonding of light strips

xinstMay 26, 2020

In the LED field, there are many places that need to be bonded with adhesive tape. The main technical problem is heat dissipation. Therefore, many materials require heat conduction, and the tape used must also be thermally conductive double-sided adhesive.

Thermally Conductive Glue Tape For LED Strip

The biggest difference between LED thermal tape and ordinary tape is that LED thermal tape has good heat dissipation, so it is also called thermal tape. Because the general thermal conductive material is difficult to conduct heat and has a good adhesive effect on important parts of electronics, LED thermal adhesive tape completely solves this problem, especially in electronics, LED lighting industry and LED TV field. .

It is professionally used for the thermal conductive tape of LED light bar, which makes the LED more convenient to use. Put the LED thermal tape between the LED light bar and the heat dissipation aluminum and press it with a little force. The thermal conductive tape can also be used for bonding other devices that need to conduct heat, instead of fixing with screws, it can achieve the most effective heat dissipation effect. Generally, the usage of bonding other heat sinks and heating equipment is very convenient. Place the heat conductive tape between the heat sink and the heat sink, press hard, and the heat sink is firmly fixed on the heat sink. It is simple and convenient to use, which is conducive to improving Production efficiency greatly improves the life of electronic components, and is the preferred choice for some high-end electronic products that require heat conduction.

The thermal conductivity of LED tape is high and stable, and its life is longer than that of ordinary heat-dissipating double-sided stickers. It can work at room temperature (80-120 degrees) for a minimum of 5 years. Xinst Tape supplies LED thermal conductive tape with specifications: 1020MM * 20M / 1020MM * 50M, thickness: 0.15mm / 0.2mm / 0.25mm/0.30mm/0.40mm, which can be cut to specific specifications.

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