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Supply 3M 9460 double-sided adhesive tape

xinstMay 15, 2020

3M 9460 is a substrate-less double-sided tape in 3M double-sided tape, which belongs to VHB adhesive system (pressure-sensitive adhesive system), the thickness is 0.05MM, the specification is 1524MM * 55M * 0.05MMT, the color is transparent, and the thickness of the tape is thin However, it still has strong viscosity, and has super physical and chemical stability. It can not only seal off humid gases and play a sealing role, but also has the characteristics of solvent resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, and rapid temperature change.

Brand: 3M
3M9460 [1]
Model: 3M9460
Specification: 1219MM * 55M
Thickness: 0.05 mm
Color: transparent
Adhesive system: VHB adhesive system (pressure sensitive adhesive system)
Long-term temperature resistance: 149 ℃
Short-term temperature resistance: 260 ℃


3M 9460 tape Application Technology:

The adhesive strength increases with the increase of the contact area between the adhesive and the adhered surface. Applying stable pressure helps the adhesive to contact the adhered surface, thereby increasing the adhesive strength.
To achieve the best bonding effect, the bonding surface must be clean and dry. The optimal temperature range for tape application is 21-38 ° C. It is recommended that if the initial bonding temperature is lower than 10 ° C, it is not suitable for bonding, so The adhesive at the time is too hard to firmly adhere to the object; however, if it is already adhered, the holding force at low temperature is also satisfactory.


3M9460 double-sided adhesive meets ROHS and halogen regulations in environmental protection, and is widely used in the bonding of flexible circuit board heat sinks and plastics.

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