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O que é fita de espuma dupla face?

xinst01 de fevereiro de 2020

O que é fita de espuma dupla face?

O adesivo de espuma de dupla face é feito de espuma de polietileno de alta qualidade e fita adesiva acrílica.

1. Adesivo de dupla face de espuma refere-se a um tipo de adesivo de dupla face feito pela aplicação de adesivo acrílico forte em ambos os lados do material de base de espuma e, em seguida, cobrindo um lado com um papel ou filme de liberação; se ambos os lados estiverem cobertos com um forro de liberação O papel de formação ou filme de liberação é chamado de fita dupla face sanduíche. A fita dupla-face sanduíche é feita principalmente para facilitar a perfuração da fita dupla-face.

High Strength Acrylic Foam Tape, VHB, Strong Adhesive Force

2. Foam double sided adhesive has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good retention, good water resistance, strong temperature resistance, and strong UV resistance.

The foam base material is divided into: EVA foam, PE foam, PU foam, acrylic foam and high foam. The glue system is divided into: oil glue, hot melt, rubber and acrylic glue.

3. Acrylic foam double sided tape

Acrylic foam double sided adhesive refers to the double-sided adhesive coated with acrylic glue on both sides of the acrylic foamed foam substrate. The color is white, gray, transparent and black, and the thickness is also more, mainly 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.64mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. Type paper and red release film, which have the advantages of high adhesion, high retention, water resistance, temperature resistance, and strong load-bearing capacity. It is the best of all foams and can be used in anti-scratch strips, pedals, and sunshades. Boards, seals, anti-collision strips, rear fenders, nameplate decorative strips, door perimeter protection strips, glass curtain walls, metal products, etc. bonding and fixing, applicable temperature: -20 ℃ -120 ℃.


Foam double-sided adhesive features:


A. It has strong adhesion and large expansion force; it has different thicknesses and colors;


B. Foam double sided adhesive has strong folding resistance and can be processed into different shapes and specifications.

Usos: Foam double sided adhesive is suitable for cushioning and protecting cars on the surface of hardware and electrical appliances. Foam double-sided adhesive can also be used to paste automobile brand anti scratch strips and seals. Strips, paste the various uses of automotive accessories.

Características: Foam double-sided adhesive is based on PE high-density foam, which can be double-coated. It has strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption, high temperature resistance to water, solvents, plasticizers, and good sealing performance.

Thickness: can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Application area

1. Electronic market: mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, mechanical panels, membrane switches, etc.

2. Automotive market: exterior decorative strips, auto parts, car logos, car perfumes, etc .;

3. Home market: hooks, furniture, toys, crafts, window gaps, door gaps, etc.

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