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High Performance 3M 69 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

xinst3月 25, 2020

3m 69 Insulating Silicone Adhesive Glass Cloth Electrical Tape is a white glass cloth tape with a hightemperature thermosetting silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. high temperature resistance; Woven insulating glass cloth; high mechanical strength. Heat-stable insulation for furnace and oven controls, motor leads and switches.

3m 69 Insulating Glass Cloth Electrical Silicone Adhesive Tape
3M Glass Cloth Electrical Tape provides insulation and solvent-resistant protection for use as coil cover, anchor, banding and core, layer and
crossover insulation. This tape features a noncorrosive adhesive.

Insulating Silicone Adhesive Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Applications:

1、Insulating electric and induction-type furnace power supply leads

2、Securing high-temperature, non-PSA insulation (such as asbestos and glass) in high-temperature areas
3、Securing Scotch® Fire Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77
4、 Splicing wire SF and SFF rated 302° F (150° C), 356° F (180° C)
5、 Reinsulating and repairing coils on mining machines
6、 Splicing silicone-covered glass wire where splices require more abrasion resistance and mechanical strength than can be provided by silicone tapes Insulating Class “H” dry-type transformer leads
7、Insulating splices made on SA type wire in heat treat areas
8、Especially suited to high-temperature applications
9、Used in a variety of coil/transformer and motor applications, including an outer wrap for bobbin wound coils, banding arbor wound coils, lead pad hold down, end turn and lead anchor and connection.

Adhesive Type:Silicone

model:3M 69


name:Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 69


Product Type:Glass Cloth Tape

Total Tape Thickness :0.18mm

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