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How to correctly choose high-quality thermal conductive silicone sheet?

xinstMay 07, 2020

How to correctly choose high-quality thermal conductive silicone sheet?

1. Product structure design choice
In the early stage of the structural design of electronic products, it should be considered to integrate the thermal conductive silicone sheet into the design problem. Under different requirements and usage environments, the heat dissipation scheme is different. The optimal heat dissipation scheme should be selected in accordance with the actual situation and a reasonable heat dissipation structure should be designed To maximize the effect of thermally conductive silicone sheets.

Double-Sided Fiberglass Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape

2, the choice of thermal conductivity of thermal silica gel
The choice of thermal conductivity depends on the effect you expect to achieve, the other depends on the power consumption of the heat source, and the heat dissipated by the design of the heat sink or heat dissipation structure. According to these needs, select the thermal coefficient of the thermal conductive silicon sheet e79fa5e98193e59b9ee7ad9431333363363365. The cost of low thermal conductivity is relatively low, high thermal conductivity can be effective, and the cost is also high.

3,Choice of thickness of three thermal conductive silicone sheets
This thickness should take into account the heat dissipation scheme used by the electronic product itself. If you choose to dissipate heat from the heat dissipation structure, you need to consider the shape of the heat dissipation structure on the contact surface, and balance the design structure and the thickness of the thermally conductive silicone sheet. Thickness selection is also related to the hardness, density, compression ratio and other parameters of the product.

4, the choice of thermally conductive silicone sheet size
The best way for the size of the thermal conductive silicone sheet is to cover the heat source. The breakdown voltage, resistance, surface resistivity, etc. can satisfy the conditions.
Summary: The most important thing to choose the thermal conductive silicone sheet is to understand its thermal conductivity, thickness, hardness and breakdown voltage.

Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity is an inherent property of the material and does not change with the change of the thickness and area. The thermal conductivity of the GLPOLY thermal conductive silicone sheet ranges from 1.0 to 7.9W / MK. The test standard adopted by the company's products is HOT DISK.

Hardness: The test standard used for the hardness of Shenzhen Xinsite Technology Co., Ltd. is ASTM D2240, and the data is the data of shore 00. The lower the hardness, the better the product is in contact with the application. The greater the hardness, the more convenient the installation.

Breakdown voltage: The maximum voltage that the product can withstand. The higher the breakdown voltage, the better the insulation of the product.

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